A wee trip to Scotland

On the back of our Italian adventure we visited Scotland to drop off Gran for the next few weeks, to see Blake and Courtney’s family and to spend a little time amongst the Scots, because, why not! In the true style of us, people who seem to attract chaos and peril in general, we were dangerously close to missing our flight from Venice. Having stayed up until very late the previous evening excitedly chatting to Courtney and alerting a small handful of family members about our engagement, we were completely exhausted and the added stress of an almost-missed flight was not great. That ride to the airport and manic sprint once we arrived is something of a haze now… But we drowned our sorrows in airport hotdogs and all was right again.

We were greeted at the airport by family I had only ever heard about second-hand and immediately knew they were basically the nicest people in history, so it was nice to know we’d be spending the next few days with them!

B and I had been to Edinburgh previously, but during Fringe-Fest season which is certainly not the most authentic Scottish experience… Roads closed, streets literally overflowing with the thousands of people who come to see shows, it’s intense and kind of overwhelming so we immediately breathed a sigh of relief at the quiet streets and peacefulness that oozes through Scotland. Edinburgh is gorgeous, and one day I hope to go there when I’m not completely exhausted so that I can really, truly enjoy it. Edinburgh is a great place. Edinburgh is like a quieter version of the most beautiful streets in London, and it’s also cheaper which is a bonus.

One one overcast (but still beautiful!) afternoon the three of us had brekkie in Edinburgh, also managed to fit in high tea at Jenner’s, did some Primark shopping including a strawberry shower cap and saw this very interesting, highly recommended Australian film at the Edinburgh Intl Film Festival, and got stupidly lost and almost killed on probably the busiest highway in Edinburgh. No worries. This is us in the depths of despair not sure how to get ourselves out of a mess. The smiles are deceiving people…


Needless to say we survived the ordeal, but the lesson I took away is that Courtney trumps Blake when it comes to google maps in future 😉 {NB this will definitely cause an argument, hehehe}

Blake and I were staying in a separate hotel due to lack of bed space with family, so the following morning after surviving the highway situation and a giant hotel breakfast of black pudding, eggs, beans, bacon and more {yowzaz!} the two of us set out on a little adventure to a nearby attraction, Almond Valley , set within the beautiful countryside of Livingstone. If ever there was a time where I thought ‘This would be a great place to bring future kids!’, it was at Almond Valley. What a brilliant set up! There was a little train (which of course we rode…), a fake-mine, interactive activities, beautiful old stone buildings with all sorts of things to explore inside, donkeys, the whole shebang. I enjoyed it as an adult but boy oh boy the bairns of Livingstone must surely go mental for this place.

I may be proud of myself for totally getting a handle on understanding thick Scottish accents without even a squint, but names like this are beyond me. So cool!

Scottish Oil
After learning way more than I expected to about mining (?!) we met up with family again and headed to Glasgow for the afternoon where we had lunch, wandered around, and Courtney and I managed to squeeze in a shellac mani thank you very much. After all, if one is going to wear a sparkly engagement ring, one must have lovely nails for the inevitable ‘let’s see your ring! let’s see your ring!’ questions.

After a fantastic dinner with these folk, we had another early night as we were all still recovering from a huge few weeks of Italian gallivanting.

The next way we headed to Loch Lomond, the inspiration for this little ditty. It was a beautiful drive through true Scottish countryside, I didn’t take any photos because I was half asleep (me being tired/sleepy seems to be a running theme in today’s post! Turns out Italy is tiring!) but I can assure you, it’s something everyone should see. Loch Lomond itself is beautiful too. We ate sandwiches on some benches, wandered through some cute markets and admired the view for awhile. There’s something about standing in front of a Scottish loch that pictures and words really don’t do justice. It’s pretty magical.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

A slow drive back called for some castle-viewing, small-town-stopping including a visit to an all year Christmas shop, and finally a delicious dinner with friends which I did not photograph, in fact I didn’t pull the camera out very much at all in our brief Scottish trip… I will once more blame exhaustion.

The trip was not so much about doing things as it was spending time with family, and for Blake to see the places he has grown up hearing about. What an amazing thing for Blake and Courtney to be able to experience together, with their family and with me tagging along too… Thanks guys! Scotland, we will be back. Maybe even for Christmas!


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    What a sweet little donkey. :3 These photos are all so magical! It looks like an absolutely charming place to be. Man, how cool is it that you can just up and go to Scotland?! I guess that’s just how it is when you live in the UK, eh? Sounds like you are at a very happy time in life — getting engaged, spending time with extended family, etc. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it. 🙂

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      That’s definitely one of the highlights of being over here… Scotland is a mere train trip away! I really haven’t wrapped my head around that, after a whole year… Things are indeed pretty great in camp Jemima-and-Blake. I’m sure it seems like we’re just going away all the time… We’re not! Plenty of boring, normal weekends in between, it’s just that I’m manically trying to catch up on all the big stuff so I can get back to blogging about little, normal life things! x

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