As the final stop in our Christmas extravaganza, we drove over to Bath in South-West England to check out…the … well…baths.

Words do not describe this place. It really felt like we had been transported to ancient Roman times. It’s incredible to me that these hot springs and buildings were built around 60 AD (that’s a whole lotta years ago) and has more or less survived after all those years. Even the lead pipes that were hand built to carry the water from the springs back in 60AD to the actual baths themselves are still in tact. Insane.

roman lead pipe

roman lead pipe


roman baths



Roman baths

It was a great tour, really well set-up for families and youngeons too as there were lots of littlies having a fantastic time. Another highlight was the indoor museum on the ground floor of the main bath, giving detailed explanations on the people, artefacts and the area at the time. We bought the audio tours which ended up being a great idea. I could definitely have spent all day wandering around the baths pretending I was a Roman Goddess. You can’t actually bathe in these baths, and I’m not sure you’d want to because the water looked pretty murky in places, but they did have a filtered version of the water that you could sample at the end of the tour. It was definitely not the most refreshing sip of water I’ve had, in fact it tasted like what I imagine a drain pipe tastes like… but now I can say I’ve drunk from Roman baths.

Bath as a town was beautiful. Majestic is the best word to describe it. As most of the town was built in the Georgian era, the majority of the buildings are stunning original Georgian stone which is definitely easy on the eyes. Walking down beautiful, wide expanses of avenues towards the Holburne Museum (an art museum) we were hit with photo opp upon photo opp upon photo opp…

holburne museum

This is the Holburne museum itself…


This is Pulteney Bridge which was very impressive and again, magestic which seemed to be the word of the day in Bath. Some of you may recognise this from the scene of Javert’s suicide in Les Mis…’ I’ll escape noooow from the world… from the world of Jean Val Jean….’

Then after a loooooooong walk in the setting sun we intentionally-stumbled-upon this amazing place, another World Heritage site, Royal Crescent built in 1767 which I wanted to move into immediately.

I was pleasantly surprised by Bath and actually can’t wait to head back there and spend some more time exploring. I didn’t really know what to expect but was totally blown away by the awesome architecture and generally fancy European feel to the whole place. I’m sure there is way more to see in Bath, we only really scratched the surface, but my what a surface it is!


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