Madrid… Part 2!


One day I promise I’ll go somewhere cool and manage to post about it in one part. We just squeeze so much in, plus I take about three million photos of everything, so narrowing it down is impossible! I’m sure you know the feeling…

Which brings me to a miniature post on…

The Royal Palace of Aranjuez! One of the (many) benefit(s) of being with Blake is his ability to find bizarre and often unpopular things to do which end up being completely amazing and so much cooler than the normal tourist trail. He did not let me down in terms of Obscure-Adventures in his decision to book us a train out to Aranjuez to visit the Royal Palace. It takes about an hour each way on the train, so we totally understand why it isn’t the hottest tourist destination in Madrid, but boy it was one I’d recommend to anyone travelling to Madrid, even if just for three days like us.

Aranjuez^^ Hashtag no filter, hashtag amazing, etc! ^^

Although Madrid is filled with palaces, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez is one of the few that still operates as a residence for the royal family, which makes it feel pretty special wandering through the halls. The beauty of this majestic place is highlighted by the fact that there were hardly any other people there, so we were literally tiptoeing through the King’s humble abode like we weren’t supposed to be there, or something! It was a lot of fun, and of course absolutely stunning and lavish on the inside. Room upon room upon room of beautiful furniture, carpets, walls and such vibrant and bright colours which was a nice surprise. We got an audio guide (recommended by Blake if you don’t speak Spanish, recommended by me if your Spanish has a few missing words, royal jargon is not something I ever specifically learnt I must say) and spent a good two hours meandering through the halls.

The surrounding area is beautiful  too – there seems to be a vastness to Aranjuez. Maybe it was just the weather but it felt quite arid and dry, but in a pleasant way. I couldn’t get over the wide open spaces and long, empty corridors that seemed to fill the town. Living in a studio apartment, catching the tube to work and generally existing in London you are constantly battling for a metre of space to yourself. You queue for everything, all the time, no matter what, and forget about it if you can’t handle crowds because as I learnt pretty quickly, you’re in one constantly. Aranjeuz is the opposite.

It also helps that the sun bounces off every surface and the beautiful pinks of the architecture in the area are contrasted perfectly with what happened to be a stunning clear blue sky. I tell you, we have someone out there looking over us weather-wise when we travel. Cheers whoever you are, we love you!





We spent a good ten minutes debating whether or not to have lunch in Aranjuez but decided against it, knowing that we probably needed to have some TAPAS {yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!} considering we were in Madrid and a sandwich just wasn’t going to cut it thank you very much. So we jumped back on the train and back into central Madrid and we were so hungry that I didn’t even take any photos of our incredible tapas lunch.
Also, this is the kind of incredible view you get on the train trip back. Even if you don’t make it to Aranjuez, jump on a train and see some of Spain’s landscape. Completely amazing. True story, a lot of Western films were made in Spain. It really looks like Mexican dessert! It’s fantastic. I’ll be the first to admit it, these are not the best quality photographs you’ll see today, but gives you something of an idea of what you can expect to see on the journey out to Aranjuez.

So there we have Madrid part 2… Part 3 will bring you a decadent selection of photos from our experience at the Spanish food markets, a trip to the Prado and a picnic lunch spent people-watching in the Retiro park. But for now, I’m off to Birmingham to go and see James Taylor sing and I’m pretty happy about that too….!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    Ok may points here 1) yay for travel weather gods 2)yay for obscure travel adventures 3) yay for hanging out at a king’s palace (who does that!?). 4) not yay for making me feel like I have the most boring life ever ha ha. Very much looking forward to the food post that is coming up! Happy weekend 🙂

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    I went to Madrid a couple of years ago and wish I’d made it to that desert area! It looks stunning! Retiro Park was one of our favourite spots so looking forward to seeing your post on that. Just discovered your blog through Cider with Rosie and it’s lovely! x

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