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After a whole afternoon of house-hunting one Saturday in February, Blake and I found ourselves a teeny tiny little studio apartment in a lovely part of London. When I say teeny tiny, I mean teeny tiny, and even that is maybe generous… It is one room, and not a very big one at that. But it’s perfect for two people who don’t spend a lot of time at home because they’re always out and about, and we love it. It was a nice change from a share-house with some very eclectic housemates in a scary/dangerous building and one we had been looking forward to for several months. So on a rainy Tuesday we packed up all our worldly possessions which miraculously fit into two suitcases and a couple of garbage bags and headed over to our new home in Belsize Park.

I am in love with the area. I feel so lucky every morning wandering out to work. There are usually birds chirping, the sun peeking out from behind clouds, kids are skipping down the road to school, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods, it feels like a movie set. Or a musical. Or a dream sequence. Either way, it’s great. The area is packed with things to do, gorgeous restaurants and cafes, shops, and my favourite part of our area is Hampstead Heath. It might even be my favourite place in London. Am I calling it?! I think I’m calling it!

But let’s start with The-Church-Down-The-Road-With-The-Daffodils…


This place is actually no longer functioning as a church but rather an ‘event space’. I hear it’s beautiful on the inside, but I’m pretty happy just looking at it from the outside to be honest. This is a treat to walk by every weekend. We can actually see the steeple (just!) from our apartment as a little reminder of how nice it is living there.



Then just a stroll down the road is Hampstead village, a very British and quaint little place filled with shops and pubs:

You’ll regularly walk past buildings and trees that look like this:

And if you want to go to one of the gazillion beautiful cafe’s you can walk down this glorious street including, much to my excitement, a Zara Home store:

If you should so desire you could also visit John Keats’ house where he lived 1918 – 1920:

And you could also have a wander and admire all the brightly coloured doors that find themselves on houses here… this is my favourite! What I would give for a lovely white house with a bright yellow door…

And last but not least, you could then spend hours and hours in Hampstead Heath. From Parliament Hill with arguably the best view of London city in London, to the more rugged areas enclosed in woodlands, to the expanses of mowed parks perfect for games of cricket and soccer.


And within Hampstead Heath is the very impressive Kenwood House built in the 17th century, which hosts a Vermeer and a Rembrandt… and a really fantastic collection of shoe buckles for all you shoe buckle aficionados out there…

Kenwood House

All of the above is within a 10 minute walks of our tiny little home. And within 15 minutes tube trip to the centre of London. Yep, feeling really great about the decision to move here.


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      Nooo 🙁 One day! All our money at the moment is going towards impending trips to new countries so no homegoods for me. YET! I’ve got a mental list piling up…

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