September Re-Cap

September was intense. Several things imploded right in our faces and some very sad news really shook us. On top of that, we also had no money as everything was being scrimped and saved to get us through an impending few weeks of going unpaid. We had to use almost all of our holiday allowance for our trip to Australia, and in my case, I didn’t actually have enough for the whole trip. But, spending almost no money every day during the week meant we treated ourselves every weekend with a little bit of ‘reckless’ (note: not reckless at all.. Do you call a piece of cheesecake reckless? In September, we did…) spending here and there to keep things bright and give us a break from the daily slog which had become working hard all day, learning lines at night, and usually spending the weekend learning lines too.

…Behold, a terrible segway to a montage of our month in a mixture of iPhone and poorly focused Canon shots!

* A lunch at the very cool Pizza East in Kentish Town followed by gelato from Ruby Violet with my cute friend Gemma. I consider myself to be a bit of a London pizza afficionado and I gotta tell ya, Pizza East is rocking it.

Pizza East

* Sharing an average cheesecake at our local cafe in Primrose Hill. It was gelatinous and not very good but it was our one spend for the weekend so we pretended to like it.

* A delicious Indian feast with my lovely friend Ash – more on her in another post as we have lots of foodie adventures lined up for the next few months – in the famous Brick Lane or London’s Indian quarter and eating delicious Indian sweets. I’m still not quite sure what they were but they were super delicious. Life goal: To try all of those amazing looking morsels in the window there… So colourful!

* A night in Birmingham to see my absolute all-time favourite singer/songwriter, James Taylor, a few days before we left for Aus…

<< Poor lighting, but too excited to care >>


<< I am forever indebted to the nice security guard man who literally pushed me through the crowd to help me get closer than I was in this picture to the big J.T. Because for a moment there I was panicking that this was as good as it was going to get… NOT SO! >>




And, what’s this? He signed my T-Shirt (which I then gave to my dad as an early Christmas present)… Definitely in the top 10 moments in life category. I listen to James Taylor pretty much nonstop. Having a shower? James Taylor will be playing. Grumpy and half asleep on a Monday morning on the tube to work? James Taylor will be playing. Enjoying a home-cooked meal and sharing a bottle of wine on a Saturday night? James Taylor will probably be playing. Or at least I will have one of his songs in my head. In fact, early in our relationship Blake whipped out the big guns and surprised me on a flight from Sydney to Cairns by arranging for my favourite James Taylor Song (How Sweet it Is to be Loved By You) to be played on the Qantas Love Songs Radio Station for the month, complete with a message for me…. #swoon.

So to not only be seeing Mr. Taylor in the flesh, to be able to speak to him briefly and to have him sign my shirt, I could barely contain my excitement. Best. Moment. Ever.

Birmingham itself was an experience. We were pretty tired the following morning so had a slow journey into town to check out the famous shopping centre, which is pretty cool. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Birmingham. It reminded me of a British version of Edinburgh. Lots of cobblestones, beautiful buildings, and then… this thing!

Which on the inside, was equally as impressive, and looked like this….


And so ends perhaps the messiest blog post of all time. To be honest, it really does sum up our month, though!

PS…….. I’ve been nominated for a UK blog award, in two categories, the ‘Lifestyle’ category and the ‘Young Person’s’ Category. Hooray! I’d love anyone who reads this and feels my blog worthy of an award to send a vote my way:

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      Thank you! I guess there is a little bit of dreaminess in scrimping by…. It gets old quickly but I do like the challenge! Ahhh I wasn’t the one learning lines, Blake’s an actor and he is in a kids’ TV show in Australia so he was memorising all his lines for that! In the process of helping him, I too memorised a bunch of lines… But by accident! Haha x

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    aw no, I’m sorry September was a bit on the rough side for you! Having to be poor isn’t a great deal of fun, but at least you have an amazing trip to Australia on your horizon! And I got mad *for* you about that sub par cheesecake. A girl gives herself one treat during the weekend and it turns out to be meh?! I’d probably have to restrain the urge to flip a table, haha!

    xo marlen
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