Shake Shack and Matilda!

For my birthday late last year, I was treated to a night at the theatre, seeing a show I had been desperately fan-girling over for several years since I heard about it opening on Broadway. As possibly my all-time-favourite movie and book as a child, Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ is one of those stories that I’ve always loved, and as soon as I got wind of the fact that Tim Minchin was writing the music/lyrics I knew it would not be one to miss.

So on a particularly freezing cold Thursday evening, Blake met me in Soho outside my work and we wandered through the brittle November through West End, to Covent Garden’s ‘Shake Shack’ for dinner. Shake Shack was something I had only recently discovered existed in the UK (having seen it pop up on my favourite US bloggers websites, Hey Natalie Jean and Love Taza for years) and I was BEYOND EXCITED. I can barely even say ‘shake shack’ without cracking a huge smile. It’s every bit as delicious as I hoped it would be. Definitely a place we take and will continue to take family and friends visiting because it is that good. Cheesey fries, simple and delicious burgers and more. We have since been back many more times and one day I will do a more comprehensive review of each individual item because it is honestly worth more than just a mere picture. This is not a drill.

It’s also in a fantastic location; Covent Garden is among the more buzzing and exciting areas of London, with plenty to do, see and eat. There’s usually some kind of live opera going on whilst you eat your Shake Shack/Jamie Oliver’s pop up restaurant/whatever else cool eateries they have there, and it’s lots of fun to sit and people watch for a little while. Expect a queue at Shake Shack, but also expect for that queue to be totally worth it!

photo (10)
Blake is a crazy person and had a hot-dog, but I knew better and had a Shack burger. Obviously the superior choice.

Matilda was an absolutely fantastic musical, probably the best show we’ve seen in our time living here. The story is gorgeous, the music is beyond intelligent, the characters are great, the sets, costumes, actors, every single thing about it was flawless. It doesn’t try and pretend that it’s a huge epic like Les Mis or Phantom but it gets the story and the vibe exactly right. I’d love to see this again some day, I loved it that much.

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