Sunday in Old Oak Common

On Sunday London treated us with blue skies, a light breeze and no foreboding clouds whatsoever. After a solid winter and some fairly stereotypical grey and miserable weather in the last few weeks, one blissfully sunny day couldn’t have come at a better time. We took the morning to sleep in much later than we should have, ate bacon and egg rolls for breakfast and sipped on coffee whilst checking emails and other boring things before heading out for the afternoon with a locally purchased picnic of prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives and pumpkin seed bread in tow. And a Coke *product placement* to share of course, because a picnic isn’t a picnic without it…

In a style very typical to him, Blake wanted to spend the afternoon trying to find a park he had seen whilst passing on a bus one day when the trains weren’t running and we were en route somewhere else. He had caught a glimpse of some post-apocalyptic looking shrubbery, some bizarre steel constructions through the rattling windows and expressed in an interest in checking it out, so a few weeks later off on an adventure we found ourselves, to solve the mystery of the aforementioned shrub/steel constructions.

We of course took our new camera to play around with it so be warned, lots of dubiously framed and poorly focused images to follow, in my case at least. And in Blake’s case, they’re probably all shot in monochrome. All of them. That man and his monochrome…

No guesses as to who took the above 😉

We passed a train yard of some kind which was a great place to practice with ye old canon 550D. Again, no guesses as to the photographer above… ! 🙂

After a solid half hour of wondering if we were even heading in the right direction, we found it! Old Oak Common!

The grass was just overgrown enough for it to feel like no one else had been there for a little while which is a pretty rare feeling in London.

After making the most of the shade to sit and eat our picnic for a little while whilst speculating about what this bizarre little spot used to be (our most likely invented scenario was some kind of a scout jamboree), we took off on foot to venture further into the common.

And found this amazing situation!

Acre beyond acre of totally overgrown weeds (at least I assume that’s what is going on… they were pretty weeds, though!).

There was a faint buzzing going on… which we immediately discounted as some kind of terrifying insect because everyone knows that England’s insects have nothing on Australia’s… and eventually spotted miniature airplanes speeding around! Alas, we had stumbled upon… a model aircraft field!

Hey look, it’s my blank/serious face. This was actually taken in a moment of ‘hey see what happens if in this light we set it to a low f-stop’ (my first photographic jargon is officially downpat, guys) so cheers B for getting kind of a cool shot.

We ventured on for another hour or so, wandering and chatting and being totally amazed that we had literally stumbled onto a model airplan field (?!) before then stumbling upon a prison. Like a hardcore, operational prison with people yelling and barbed wire and stuff.

….And so I guess that wraps things up? A classic Sunday in the lives of Blake and Jemima, involving too much public transport, a picnic, exploring new terrain, model airfields (?!) an accidental prison encounter and a long tube trip home.


  1. Alanna says

    LOVE those headshots. And Jemima sitting in the weird metal structure? Solid gold. LOVE IT. I am dreaming already of when I can afford to come visit you!

    • says

      Please come Alanna!!!!! I’ll take you to this weird metal structure and MORE! Haha. There are so many lovely things to do and see in this part of the world. We’re pretty damn lucky.

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