Hello everyone!

I’m writing from the sunny, windy shores of Sydney, Australia, where Blake and I are currently experiencing a few jam-packed weeks of seeing family and friend, filming (in Blake’s case) and sorting out our Aussie driving licenses, bank cards etc that are all set to expire whilst we’re back in London…

I never mentioned it here as we were surprising Blake’s lovely mum with our arrival, she had no idea we were coming! So I had to keep it a total secret even though in reality this trip has been a huge piece of our lives for the last few months whilst we saved our pennies and made lots of plans.

After very successfully surprising Blake’s mum on our first day back in our home country, we then flew to Sydney so that Blake could film. There was also an engagement party thrown in the midst of the trip so we have been very busy and have barely had a moment to breathe let alone blog! I have a long list of wonderful people that we simply won’t get a chance to catch up with whilst we’re here which is pretty heartbreaking knowing it has been about a year and a half since we were last here and will be a little while before we are back again, but I know there will be more opportunities in the future.

So for now, please excuse me whilst I enjoy the last few days with my family and a few more in Brisbane with Blake’s, before we jet back to London and in the 30 hours in transit prepare ourselves to hit work again the day after we land… yeesh…


Jemima xx


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      Thanks Chelsea! We had suuuuch a crazy time. It was almost a relief coming back to normal routine! But so lovely seeing family and friends as you said. My man is an actor, he plays a character on an Australian children’s (pre-school aged) TV series over in Aus, they kindly asked him to come back and film another two seasons so we jumped at the opportunity to make a trip back home for a few weeks – even if it meant he was working for most of it poor thing! x

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