Venice… Part 1!

Hello blog! I’m alive! I’m going to have to start strapping myself to our desk in order to get these posts out, because it’s now coming up to TWO MONTHS since we left for Italy and I’m only just on Venice. Luckily, we are currently saving like crazy for an impeding investment that I can’t talk about yet but it is really awesome and will be worth all the weekends we’re walking around instead of catching the tube, and spending only 4 pounds per meal for the both of us… The point is, not being able to spend much money means more time spent at home writing posts! So not all bad.

So! Venice!


Although our journey from Rome to Venice was slightly traumatic as per Blake’s post a few weeks back, we it was nice to be greeted by gorgeous weather and the fact that Venice is a fascinating and stunning place. It probably sounds ridiculous, but I had never really considered that Venice literally has no roads… There are no cars… ‘Of course you fool! It’s Venice!’ I hear you say, but I honestly thought there must be SOME roads somewhere… not so. The place is definitely built on water. So there you go.

Venice has a beauty to it that is unlike the beauty of Rome. It is gritty and sometimes  a little rundown, with many buildings along the main canal with a visible layer of mould creeping up from the water. When normally mould would make me run screaming, it somehow adds to the beauty and the uniqueness of Venice. It takes a little getting used to in terms of getting around and figuring out the layout, it also doesn’t help that a lot of the areas look fairly similar so if, like me, you landmark yourself by the general look of a place, you’ll definitely get lost in Venice. Again, that’s part of the beauty of it.


We stayed in Cannaregio, about a 5 minute walk from the Grand canal strip, and a 15-20 minute water taxi journey into the main tourist areas (seen above!). Generally this was a great idea, as we had access to some great restaurants and cafes that weren’t priced for tourists and weren’t packed with people, either. We did have one dud, which involved me fighting with our waiter over a badly cooked lobster and a sneaky double-price on our bill, but that’s another story.

Once again, we were graced with fabulous weather so Courtz and I got to wear our sun hats… Needless to say since returning to the UK, my sunhat has not spent any time in the sun.

VeniceVenice Rialto Bridge

It was incredible boating up and down, watching people go about their days on the water and checking out the incredible buildings, often with mosaics and gorgeous tiling lining the walls.


Courtney, Blake and I went to the Palazzo Ducale, the Doge’s Palace, which has an insanely long and luxurious history that is way too long for me to go into. But basically, it was gorgeous, and everyone should go there. We arrived at around 4pm and had a couple of hours before it closed, but there were very few people around and it felt like quite an intimate experience, which was nice after the hectic nature of Rome.

Some photos!



<< FYI, this is what most of the main squares in Cannaregio look like, so don’t use them as a point of reference. >>

VeniceVenice<< So many adorable gondolas!>>

Our next full day was slightly more miserable weather (aka it was pouring with rain for most of the day) but we didn’t let it stop us and started with a trip to St Mark’s Basilica which of course was amazing, and of course I didn’t take a single photo. We spent a bit of time boating up and down again, which is an experience in itself.


After a few slices of pizza at a local pizzeria we headed to the Palazzo Mocenigo, one of the highlight events of our trip. This incredible collection includes hundreds of historical costumes and fabrics, as well as a very impressive perfume collection. Normally this wouldn’t be my style but it was laid out beautifully and really evoked life as a Venetian in the Victorian era.

<< The building was filled with these magnificent glass chandeliers which I am convinced I will one day have in my life >>

Blake then took the below series of photos of the costumed mannequins that completely terrify me yet I also love, so, here you go.

And with that, we parted ways for the evening, dropping Courtney back at Cannaregio and getting changed just in time for the sun to come out, and Blake and I  headed out on what was to be a very special evening…


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      Thanks Leah! I can’t speak highly enough of Venice. It was a truly fascinating place! Wish we had been able to spend a little more time there, but I’m hoping to go back some day… x

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      Cheers Adelaide! You made Blake’s day as we are constantly competing for the title of best photographer out of blake and jemima. He wins this post!

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      Oh gosh it was very, very warm isn’t it… But being Australian, I’m used to the heat. Though I must say living in the UK has totally desensitised me from sunburn! Have to wear a lot more of it now than I ever used to, which I guess isn’t a bad thing! I’m glad you got to see Italy in the summer time too. Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 x

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      Thanks so much! We really did have a great time… Definitely a benefit of living in this part of the world I have to say!

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      Thanks very much! Definitely one of the best things about summer is being able to wear pretty colourful dresses! Wish Winter was more accommodating of them… I’ve just had a quick look at your blog, so sweet. Thanks for commenting. x

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    These pictures are gorgeous! Venice looks truly AMAZING!! I think I’ll just live vicariously through your blog posts till I get to go.. Haha and there’s really no cars in Venice? I didn’t know that either! 🙂 you aren’t alone in that assumption!

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      Haha I AM SO GLAD I’M NOT ALONE! I felt a bit silly having this huge Venice epiphany but I had really never considered it. Glad to know it’s not THAT crazy to think that!!! I hope you get to go some day Kira, it really is a special place. x

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    It’s kind of sad seeing the run-down homes that have obviously just been overrun by the water and mould. But you’re right, it really does add to the beauty of the city.

    Ah, what I’d give to go back to Venice!!

    Chalsie x

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      Absolutely, it was a strange mixture of heartbreaking but also total unique beauty… Would have been so amazing to see Venice years and years ago when things were really booming there. I hope you get to head back some day!!! x

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    Oh dear.,I’m dribbling on about life at home and work and here you are roaming around VENICE! Certainly envious of you Jemima! You look gorgeous going through the city…lovely photos!

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      Haha not at all Danica!! I love reading your posts, honestly a highlight of my week! That’s what life is all about, one week off on an incredible adventure and the next sitting at home cleaning the bathroom! That’s life! Glad you liked the photos. I’m still getting to know the camera and only really figuring out the basics still but I’m really enjoying the process. Much left to learn though! x

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